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Introducing: Collaborators Fund



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The Collaborators Fund offers three Sentric artists a grant of up to £3000, to work alongside a ‘collaborator’ for an upcoming campaign or project. A ‘collaborator’ is a person who works jointly on a musical project or campaign. 

Are you looking to work with a PR firm or graphic designer for an upcoming release? Perhaps a videographer to film a music video? Work with a tour manager or stylist for an upcoming tour? Then put yourself forward for the Sentric Collaborators Fund!

To apply for the funding, you must be a Sentric or Sentric Electronic artist. Either create an account or simply log in to your account, head to the Opportunities page and complete the application form.

Applications for the fund close on 31st July 2023.

For full terms and conditions please see here.


How long is the fund open for?
The Fund is open between the 1st June and 31st July 2023.

How can I apply?
By logging in to your Sentric account and heading to the Opportunities page.

How many times can I apply?
You can only apply once. If you have been successful, you cannot reapply.

What is the funding for?
The fund is to support Sentric artists supporting fees incurred by working alongside collaborators in an upcoming campaign or project. Such as a videographer, graphic designer, studio hire, producer or mixer, stylists, session musicians, backup dancers and more.

What is a ‘Collaborator’?
A person who works jointly on the artists’ musical project.

Who can apply for the funding?
Any artist who has signed up through or

Do I have to have songs added to my account?
Yes, you must have a minimum of 5 songs registered to your account.

When will I hear back?
You will hear back within four weeks of the fund closing.

If I am successful, how long will it take for money to be released?
You have 12 months to request the funding after being offered it.

How much can I apply for?
Up to £3,000 or the equivalent.

Will there be feedback available?
You will only receive feedback if you reach the shortlisting stage.

Can I still apply if I have previously received any funding from Sentric?
Unfortunately, if received funding by Sentric in 2022 or the Live Fund 2023 you will not be eligible for this funding opportunity.

Is the fund only for UK artists?
No, the fund is open worldwide to all Sentric and Sentric Electronic artists. 

I am struggling to apply for the fund via the application form, is there an alternative way that I can apply?
If you need further support to apply for the fund via the application form – please contact who will help you further.