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Life Cycle of a Music Publishing Copyright: Conclusion




Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Over the course of writing this post I’ve often tried to envisage just what ‘The Song’ actually sounds like. I’m sad to say I’ve not been able to pinpoint it exactly, but I believe it’s the kind of ditty that has the potential to win both Eurovision, but also the Mercury Music Prize in a first of its kind ceremony where they award it to a single song rather than a full album.

Music publishing is messy. It’s convoluted, complicated and cumbersome. In all honesty, I’m chuffed that it is, because it was easy, fun and exciting then we here at Sentric Music simply wouldn’t exist. I hope, after making your way through Pure-Horse’s journey, that you’re now more au fait with just how you can earn money from the songs that you’ve written being performed, broadcast, gigged and synced, and just how long it could take that money to get to you.

If you’ve never come across Sentric Music before – hello, it’s nice to meet you. Basically, everything you’ve just read? We handle all that for you so all you have to worry about is writing the next The Song. Sentric is free to join and you keep your copyright, we just take a 20% administrative cut for doing all the legwork on your behalf. Sound good? Then sign up here!

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