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Live Performance Registration: Step by Step Guide



Live Performance Registration: Step by Step Guide

Registering your live claims to Sentric’s publishing portal has never been easier with our intuitive interface! Register any live claims (gigs, residences, festivals and tours) to your Sentric account in seconds, leaving you more time to focus on your music!

You can utilise the gigs suggestion tool to simply confirm the information on your live performances and also create, edit and organise your setlists from within the portal.

Why should you register your live performances?

Performance royalties are generated when your publishing copyrights are broadcasted in public: on the radio, television and live performances. Therefore, once you have performed live, you are owed royalties! By registering your live claims, we will collect your performance royalties and distribute them back to you.

For most live performances it is only possible to backdate claims by up to 12 months, so make sure you act quickly and keep your account up to date.

Take a look at our ‘What Are Performance Royalties?’ for more information

A step-by-step guide registering a song, writer/s and splits:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. On the dashboard page, click ‘Create a new gig claim’
  3. Input the venue details
  4. Input the gig details
  5. Select the setlist that you played
  6. Add claim and start claiming your royalties

Sign in to your account and register your live performances from the last 12 months.

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