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Sentric Ink Deal with Beatport



Producer on pioneer decks

Sentric and electronic music download platform Beatport have signed a direct licensing deal that will see Sentric collect royalties directly from Beatport.

The partnership between Beatport and Sentric Electronic, gives music creators the opportunity to participate in what is described as “a simple, fair and flexible deal to return their publishing royalties faster than ever before”.

Beginning October 27, Beatport’s artist, producer and label partners will also have access to Sentric’s rights management solutions and creative services.

Artists and labels already signed to the partnership include Patrice Bäumel, Victor Ruiz, Metodi Hristov, Joyce Muniz, Sincopat, Urbana and Culprit.

Artists and producers who have had their tracks streamed or downloaded on Beatport will now be able to tap into income and have their publishing royalties paid directly into an online account.

Sentric’s dedicated sync and creative teams add new income opportunities to released and unreleased music, both through placement in TV, Film and Advertising and by sourcing toplines for every style of track.

Mark Lawrence, Director of Sentric Electronic said: “Our aim is to ensure every electronic music artist, producer and label has the opportunity to enter a publishing deal that’s right for them and for those already published by us, to increase the speed and value of royalties paid. 

It’s not acceptable for creators to wait two or three years to be paid. By partnering with Beatport and collecting from the store directly, we are able to invoice for and pay our clients quarterly.

Offering our service to every artist and label currently selling music on Beatport will close electronic music’s publishing deficit and provide the solution that our community deserves.”

Susan Gloy-Kruse, Director of Industry Relations for Beatport, said: “Sentric is one of the most forward thinking successful independent music publishers in the world. 

This deal empowers the community we work so closely with to more efficiently and effectively tap into an important revenue stream in a way that is seamlessly integrated into the Beatport ecosystem.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this new service to our clients.”

Berlin-based, DJ and producer, Joyce Muniz added: “I’ve had a very close relationship with Beatport for many years now. I’m convinced that having access to a music publisher like Sentric within the Beatport universe is a game-changer for me. I’m happy to be a part of it.”